With great unremitting efforts and through the strategy of managing its business with the spirit of Quality Products and Services, NewPhenix has obtained and strengthened the leading position in the field of producing fiber optic products. Gained great achievements we did and will do our best to bring the customers Quality Products and Services, we are the Quality Team. Proudly we have more than 500 skillful production employees with rich experiences, over 10 designers who have clever and original ideas, 20 QC personnel with strong responsibility, 30 well-educated cadres with modern managing consciousness.

Now our monthly output has reached 300,000 pieces, including animated fiber optic Sign, animated fiber optic Caps, animated fiber optic Hats, animated fiber optic Costumes, animated fiber optic Christmas Hat, animated fiber optic Christmas Stockings, animated fiber optic Promotions, animated fiber optic Halloween Fancy Dresses and other related series as well as micro neon animated signs and animated POP, etc.

NewPhenix has another great treasure, a number of Qualified Vendors, who are the best support and guarantee of our products quality.

The company has established a long-term and stable strategic relationship with those famous groups and/or their agents such as Wal-mart, Coca Cola, Disney, F1, etc.

We have gained several Patents in micro neon field and got the CE certificate of the products.

We shall strengthen our company as the leader in the field of micro neon products by improving and innovating our technics, designs as well as services.

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