Marketing Support
Senior Marketing Consellor Fumiko (Miko) Green
Miko Green joined JF Magic? in December 2003 from GE Power Systems. She was an Information Management leader for GE Power System since 1997 holding several leadership positions from ERP system implementation, Y2K programs, Joint Venture integration, Application Support/Development, Engineering, and Acquisition Integration. In her most recent assignment, she has traveled extensively to lead projects for newly acquired businesses with the implementations of physical connectivity (Voice/Data/Video), shared GE processes related Applications, and GE corporate culture in more than 20 countries in all regions the world. Prior to the GE career, she has held positions both as a production control manager and a project leader for an ERP implementation for the Interroll Corporation, in

Wilmington NC. In 1980s she has worked as an independent consultant primarily working as a system related problem troubleshooter. She has started her career as a Resale-Materials Coordinator for the North America division of Murata Electronics, supporting North American clients ranging from IBM, Motorola, AC Delco, and AT&T.

Ms. Green is a firm believer of Statistical Quality Control, and has studied Total Quality Management concepts. She has a passion for Effective Operation Management, and Information Management tools.

She holds an MBA with concentration in Manufacturing Engineering from Pennsylvania State University, a Bachelors degree in International Affairs from Lafayette College. She has attended in numerous Management training seminars in her 20 plus years of her professional careers

Technology Support
Senior Technology Consellor Lee Wainwright
Lee Wainwright acquired his B.S. from East Stroudsburg University. Mr. Wainwright is an inventor who received nine patents, which cover products, processes, technologies and machinery. Lee has over 30 years of experience designing and developing technologies.

Prior to Founding JF Magic, Lee held the position of VP of Research and Development at ANI-motion, Inc. During his tenure at ANI-motion he developed many technologies associated with fiber optics. He was awarded a prestigious certificate from NASA to include his statistics on the 2004 Mars Lander Mission due to his innovative inventions. In addition, the MIT Enterprise Forum commended him along with 6 other inventors, whose contributions

they felt would have great impact in the entertainment industry over the next century.

Prior to ANI-motion, Lee successfully ran his own software company called Wizardware Multimedia, which sold and distributed CD-ROM software products worldwide. His PC-Animation Festival CD sold well over a million copies domestically.

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